Each night a different performance. Our animation team presents a new spectacular show at the outdoor Amphitheatre or at the Disco. Guests wishing to participate can display their unique talents before their friends by offering to perform on the shows.

One night a week a local dance troupe puts on the performance of traditional Greek dances. Here’s your chance to learn that sirtaki and have fun doing it!

Over the duration of the day, the animation team organizes:

Starting from Yoga courses

Invigorating Olympic style games.

Water polo, table tennis, dart games.

Revitalising water gymnastics both in the sea and salt water swimming pool.

A teaching of Greek folk dancing, Salsa and zoulba cources. Aerobic lessons. Relaxation exercises.

Treasure Hunts, lively and mirthful competitions for all ages.

The animation team posts the complete information on our information board by the Reception and the hotel public areas.

Mini Club

The Mini Club (and the play ground) is the meeting place mornings 10:00 – 12:00 and afternoons 16:00 – 18:00 for the younger members among you, aged 4-12.

Supervised events and friendly contests, both entertaining and informative are organised daily for our young clients.

The mini disco awaits all the children of the resort in the evening to dance the with the animation team.

Kids should easily find themselves feeling safe and at home on our grounds.

Guests are all required to leave their vehicles in the parking area,

Children have the possibility to cycle and skate on the grounds except from the beach area.

They will find shallow ends in both our pools and very shallow wading and playing areas in the fresh water pool.

Even the sea is fond of kids, offering its refreshing shallow waters with very slow gradient and small shells and sand.

The gear for sea sports extends to them as well.

The resorts grounds have only one gate in and out and that guards are on duty.

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