Banqueting & Weddings

The Holidays in Evia and Eretria Village Resort is famous for hosting well organised receptions and weddings.

The Resorts banqueting manager always acts as a wedding planner and follows each of the couple’s steps in the view of organising the event of a lifetime.

The variety of indoor and outdoor locations combined with the well-designed menus and the professional hotel staff is the most promising choice for your reception.

A traditional wedding reception can easily be transformed in to a two or three day wedding party inviting family and friends from different parts of the world.  The resort can cover and coordinate all of your guests’ individual needs starting from organising their trip, their transfer and the suitable accommodation.

Don’t hesitate to inform the resort or your travel agent in case you are interested to organise a romantic dinner to make your wedding or engagement proposal and we will make all the necessary arrangements.

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